Item Scaled
    survey / plat
    Description of material, style, and proposed
    color; include any supportive weblinks, and a
    photo or image of ONLY the proposed
    alteration. Do NOT submit pamphlets or
    documents illustrating multiple options.
    Dimensions and
    Solar Panels/Satellite Dish
    Hot tub/Spa
    Recreational Equipment
    Landscape Borders/Walls
    Doors (Garage, front,
    Replacement Windows

    Note: File Size cannot exceed 6mb

    By submitting this application, I/we represent, agree and accept:

    That I/We are the legal owner(s) of the identified property. Any and all liability caused by or arising
    from this modification shall not be held against the Maintenance Corporation, Management Company,
    Builder, or Developer, their agents, employees, or representatives, and shall be accepted and assumed
    by the homeowner. The homeowner and not the Maintenance Corporation, Management Company,
    Builder or Developer, their agents, employees, or representatives shall be held liable for any damages or
    hazards caused by this modification to said lot, any adjacent lot, or the common areas, asapplicable.

    The homeowner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Maintenance Corporation, Management
    Company, Builder and Developer, their agents, employees, and representatives for any and all liability
    arising from this modification.

    This project, if approved, will be done promptly and properly and in a workmanlike manner. The
    homeowner is responsible for obtaining any and all necessary permits/licenses/etc. and complying with
    any applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the requested change. No work may commence until
    all such permits/licenses/approvals/etc. have been obtained.

    Approval by the Architectural Review Committee is for APPEARANCE ONLY and does not imply that any
    review has been made of the structural integrity, boundary lines, or other aspects of the modification,
    nor does it imply nor avert the necessity for approval by appropriate governmental authorities by the
    homeowner. Should the modification deviate from the plans as submitted and approved by the
    Architectural Review Committee, the homeowner understands and agrees that he or she may be
    required to correct the deviation upon demand by the Association at his or her cost.

    Nothing may be permanently installed in any lake, drainage, or utility easements. Any construction
    pursuant to the provisions of this approval shall be subject to the continuing effect of the provisions of
    the Declaration, and of the Rules and Regulations of the Maintenance Corporation and the Architectural
    Review Committee.

    *PLEASE NOTE* - All requests submitted illustrating multiple options will be considered INVALID.
    Please submit pictures, images and supportive documents of the exact proposed alteration ONLY.
    I have read and agree to all of the conditions listed above, and I agree to abide by the decisions of the
    architectural committee.